International Mother Language Day – 2018

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International Mother Language Day – 2018

International Mother Language Day – 2018

World Mother Language day is observed on 21st February every year from 2000. The main aim of this day is to promote multilingualism, create awareness on cultural diversity and protect the mother languages. JD Institute of Fashion technology observed the International Language day in the JD Institute Brigade campus. The Institute has students from all diversity and during this kind of special occasions the JEDIIIANS can show their state traditions and culture.

These kind of activities help the students not just to understand the culture and traditions of another state but also gives them a new experience understanding their fellow JEDIIIANS. Students from Fashion Design course, Interior Design Course, Jewellery Design course, Fashion Communications course joined hands to observe the day with few activities in between their tight schedule.

World International Mother Language Day

Our Interior Design course student Parvathy Ramachandran stated that Language is a major part of the curriculum of our curriculum for the students and JD Institute as we have students from different states and even countries. India is a country with such rich and varied heritage it was an amazing experience to learn about different cultures and languages. Our students put up various fun acts like a skit, a speech and a humorous twist to commercials of various conventional Products. The highlight of the program was a game conducted for the faculty members which required them to perform small fun tasks and it was such an amazing experience”.

India is a culturally diverse country, everyone talks in English as it is the common language of communication in the corporate world and educational institutes, but our mother language is the first language we all talk, so it holds an important place in our heart. These kind of days help everyone to rekindle their language and our memories with our state language.

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