Meet Archana V: A JD Bangalore Student: Winner of “Vogue Honours 2014”

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Meet Archana V: A JD Bangalore Student: Winner of “Vogue Honours 2014”


Vogue Honours, the unique fashion design contest by VOGUE India is an excellent initiative that introduces and promotes promising young talent in fashion design. Archana Vijayakumar, a student of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore is one of the winners of this prestigious award.

On being asked about her journey to the fashion industry and on winning the Vogue Honours 2014, Archana said, “I am a B.E Computer science graduate. I have worked in the information technology sector for two years in TCS. This part of my journey was for my parent’s happiness. Like every parent they too wanted me to have a proper degree before i could do whatever i wanted. My interest in fashion developed when i was 14 years old and i have been passionate about it ever since. In order to chase my true calling, my dream, i had to leave my secured job. Looking back, yes it was a difficult decision to make but now I have no regrets. Joining JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the best decision that i could have ever taken”. She further adds, “Happiness is following your dream”. Within a year’s time my team won the most Innovative Collection Award in the JD Annual Design Awards 2015, following which i was also announced as one of the winners of Vogue Honours 2014 contest. This means a lot to me, because i make my family proud and also because it reassures me all the time that i am on the right path. My family’s encouragement and trust in my abilities has kept me going and i hope to continue making them proud. The journey has just started” .


Congratulation Archana! JD Institute of Fashion Technology is proud of your achievement. We wish you all the best for a bright future.

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