Fashion Faux-Pas That Men Must Avoid

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Fashion Faux-Pas That Men Must Avoid

by Vishal S , Term II, PGDFC

Meet the 21st Century man – he loves to shop, knows his colours, knows the importance of what to be worn, when and how (well at least and increasint majority of them do). However, in the attempt to look our best, we often forget to notice the tiny nitty-gritties that might put off our entire ensemble.

Wearing Suspenders with Belts

Both suspenders and belts serve the same purpose, i.e., to hold your trousers in place. You do not want to spotted doing this by a fashion police; the next time just pick one.

1 Wearing Suspenders with Belts

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Shorts And Almost Knee High Socks.

 This is a major no-no. Unless you’re trying to make a statement (which is quite unlikely), you would want to avoid this. They are just unflattering. Instead, use a pair of liner sock with your shoes.

2 Shorts And Almost Knee-High Socks.

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Sandals and Socks.

Sandals are meant to be worn, open feet and are ideal for the summer. Pairing them with socks, even in winter, is just very “off-putting”.

3 Sandals and Socks.

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The Formal Shoes and Belt Fiasco.

 While wearing formals ALWAYS, match your shoes with the belt that you’re wearing. It is a different scenario on Casual Fridays.

4 The Formal Shoes and Belt Fiasco.

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Slogan Tees

Still wearing them? Time to ditch them. Slogan tees are very reminiscent of walking posters and that is exactly why you should be avoiding them.


5 Slogan Tees

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The Bejewelled

Jewelry for men are a rage at the moment and surely overdoing them would get a lot of attention, but not for the good reasons. When it comes to jewelry, “less is more” is the mantra.

6 The Bejewelled


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Low-waist Jeans

Popularised by the hip-hop culture, the low waist jeans are not very “hip”, anymore. The standard fits are always the classiest.

7 Low-waist Jeans

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