National Gallery of Modern Art Visit By Jediiians of PGDISD 

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National Gallery of Modern Art Visit By Jediiians of PGDISD 


Interior designing is one of the booming industries in today’s day and age, with the sudden love that people have found towards accentuating interior styles and decors. The interior design profession, on the outside, seems to be quite an easy go profession, but not everything is as seems. Interior designing requires a lot of skill sets and research to understand not only the trends that are in the market today, but also the various components that have been used over the years. This is why, at JD Institute every student is taken to explore the past, present and future outlooks of the industry by visiting museums and exhibitions. Our Jediiians from Post Graduation Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design were taken for a short visit to the National Gallery of Modern Arts.

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The National Gallery of Modern Arts was opened in the year 1949 by our then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Maulana Azad. The aim and objective of opening this gallery was to acquire and preserve the works of modern art from the year 1850 onwards as well as to develop an educational and documentation center for students aspiring in the fields of design and art to come and be inspired with the works of great artisans in our Indian history, which is exactly what was imparted into our students.

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This visit was organized as a part of the core modules – Landscape Design and Visual Merchandising – by Ms. Rohini Priyadarshini who is the class mentor as well as the moule metor for these subjects. It is quite often said that a student’s success and level of knowledge is the dedication of the mentor. Thus, it is proven by the visits that are organized by the mentors to provide knowledge to our future, the aspirants of the design field, beyond books and syllabuses.

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Post graduate studies are often taken up by those who are looking to change their field of career while holding onto their previous experiences in the industry. Our Jediiians are always looking to explore the various forms of art and design in this field. Thus, this visit to the National Gallery of Modern Arts has helped our students understand the evolution of Interior and Spatial Designing. Interior Designing is beyond just putting together three to four elements with a color palette. It is about the personality and story the designer wants to convey through the design that he presents to or for the client.


The National Gallery Of Modern Arts has been previously visited by various departments of our institute ranging from Fashion and Interiors to Jewellery and Photography. Our enthusiastic and explorative Jediiians were able to take so much in the little time that was given to them, from this visit. All thanks to their mentor, Ms. Rohini Priyadarshini.

National Gallery of Modern Art Visit By Jediiians of PGDISD