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the use of interior in fashion – an interior student’s account - Cover image 2 - THE USE OF INTERIOR IN FASHION – AN INTERIOR STUDENT’S ACCOUNT


Our college JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore invited International artist and designer Ms. Mariel Manuel to conduct a workshop for Fashion and Interior Design students from 11th – 15th November 2019. The purpose of the workshop was to learn, gain hands-on experience and work to create installations for Bengaluru By Design 2019.

Ms. Manuel’s repertoire consists of working with luxury fashion brands along with consultation and collaborations with renowned names in the industry. She started her own organization Manuel Manufacturers wherein she explores different materials which are ideally thrown away or do not have much use, by giving it a new lease of life.

The first day of the workshop started with an orientation wherein Ms. Manuel introduced herself with her design journey and how she came up with this unique idea of being a conscious designer. She also showed us some of her work to understand her design ideology. At the initial stage of the workshop we were skeptical about the materials and our peers from the fashion design department. However, when we got down to work, Ms. Manuel mixed the groups to incorporate both fashion design and interior design students. As the workshop progressed we realized that though we use different mediums to express our vision, finally it all boils down to the way we utilize our strengths from our design backgrounds, to create something that provides a value system.

As Interior Design students, we were able to put into use our knowledge of space and design into the installations by using various elements of discarded waste. We fashioned out wind chimes made of metal scraps and wood, lamp made out of ropes and wood, stool made of discarded tire tubes and wooden planks, bottles were carved to make circular décor hangings. Nuts and bolts were used to accessorize the pieces. The best motive of this workshop was to narrate a story about the development of design and the play of materials.

This interaction provided us with a food for thought about the unnecessary wastage around us. Ms. Manuel encouraged us to think out of the box and was open to questions. She guided us throughout the course of the workshop with patience and was open to suggestions. We were glad to have been provided with such an opportunity and learn about the importance of every day and readily available materials we see in front of us and use it wisely.

It was one of the best ways to showcase that design can be created with anything, without harming nature and polluting the environment. Each piece thrown can be converted into something of use and design is all about utilizing not wasting. It was an honour to look at our work at Bangalore International Centre and share space with artists from around the world. Also the opportunity to work alongside an international and experienced artist helped us understand design and materials from a whole different perspective.

Submitted by: Saleha Kalim

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
July 18’

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