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Our workshop with Ms. Mariel Manuel, a Swiss artist and designer in the premises of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore ahead of Bengaluru by Design 2019 started with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. We were looking towards an opportunity which allowed us to learn from someone with a completely different experience and background.

The whole idea behind the workshop was to create an installation by using waste material for the design fest which started on 15th November 2019 and will go on till 24th November 2019 at the Bangalore International Centre. A total of 25 students from Fashion Design and Interior Design Departments were a part of the installations for the design fest. Ms. Manuel believes that imagination plays an important role in design and should be an inhibited experience that allows one to express without curbing ones creativity. Imagination is the tagline of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. (Tramadol)

Inorder for us to understand her work, she took us through the genesis of her design journey from a student to a luxury designer and then a sustainable artist which is the motive of her life. Ms. Manuel talked about her pattern of work and her way of expressing the ideas directly instead of putting them on paper as it allows her the freedom of change in ideas in between the process.  She talks about how she has moved from being a restrictive designer to an inhibited free spirit. The workshop was all about using waste in different ways to make it useful or worthy.

The first day of the workshop was all about understanding the colour patterns, the availability of materials. She divided all the students into groups of 4 and each group continued to work on an individual colour island materials. Working along the waste helped in understanding the essence of each, which has lost its value.

The materials that we used for our installation was the most basic things like a mosquito net, fish nets, onion nets, weaved wheat bags, cement bags, fabric scraps, cotton, nuts and bolts, wooden planks, tyres, etc. All these were used in the most handy and practical ways through different kinds of silhouettes, parka, net dress, fabric scraps stitched together to create a dress and bag, accessories, appliqué work, embroidery, creating bags etc. In all we made 6 textile sculptures. Working alongside Ms. Manuel and students from interior designer department helped in analysing design in a different perspective.

Our installations were put up at the Bangalore International Centre for the duration of the Bengaluru by Design 2019 which started from 15th November 2019 and will be there until 24th November 2019.

Submitted by: Aashi Agarwal
Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management
July 2018

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