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types of jewellery designing courses - jewellery designing course - Types of Jewellery Designing Courses For Young Aspirants

Types of Jewellery Designing Courses

Women are fascinated by pieces of jewelry. A decade ago, the demand for traditional gold pieces of jewelry was observed in the market. The craze for such jewelry still persists in the market. But, women now wish to get more variety in jewelry. Not all economic class can afford several designs of precious jewelry. Thus, the jewellery designers have brought other different types of jewelry which are not so expensive. Rather, it is quite affordable and comes with different variety. The well-known jewelry designers are keen to present other varied types of jewellery designing in near future. People residing in India and abroad are fascinated with different types of artificial jewelries. This increases the scopes for the jewellery designing courses.

Types of Jewellery Designing Courses for Young Aspirants

If you have passed out your higher secondary study and wish to do something different, the jewellery designing courses can be one among your consideration. The well-known jewellery designing colleges are offering a wide range of courses with varied duration and prospects. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Diploma in Jewellery Design – This is course will teach and nurture the creative art in each enrolled students. This would make a wonderful presentation with the combination of jewellery concept and knowledge.  Here the modern day’s artisans are taught about the techniques which will make their creativity backed with technology that goes with the present trend.
  • Jewellery Design Foundation Course – The creative planning of jewellery is what particular course would teach. The first and foremost thing which the faculty members teach the students is the basic sketching. Later it is transformed into 3D drawing. This includes traditional Indian jewellery design drawing. This is 12-week short course which consists of 60 sessions.
  • Under Graduate Course in Jewellery Design – The bachelor’s degree in Jewellery designing is also available these days. You will be able to learn both the theoretical and practical elements in jewellery designing. You will be able to learn the modules in stone setting, metalsmithing etc. The course may include advanced analysis of several elements.
  • Masters of Fine Arts Jewellery designing – There was a time when the fine arts may include paintings, acting, theatres etc. But today the concept has changed. Even the specialization of jewellery designing is considered among the fine arts. Thus, an individual can easily enrol in master degree after the bachelors in jewellery designing. This is the post graduation for an artist or jewellery designer.

Below find a list of top colleges offered different types of Jewellery designing courses for the aspirants:

JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Diploma in Jewellery Design – 6 Months
  • Fine Jewellery Design Course – 1 Year

Indian Institute of Gem and Jewellery

  • Jewellery design foundation course
  • Jewellery design diploma course
  • Jewellery technology diploma- basic course
  • Diamond and diamond grading course
  • Jewellery technology diploma- advance
  • Diploma in Gemology course
  • Industry oriented design course
  • Computer-aided design/Rhino course

Indian Institute of Jewellery

  • Postgraduate diploma in jewellery management ( PGDJM)
  • Diploma in Jewellery design management ( DJDM)
  • Diploma in jewellery designing and management
  • Certificate in Jewellery CAD technology- RHINO
  • Matrix certificate in diamond grading
  • Certificate in embossing and manual design
  • Certificate in micro pave setting
  • Certificate in gemmology
  • Jewellery designing course in organized retail and lifestyle management

Gemological Institute of India

  • Diploma in jewellery designing
  • Diploma in diamond grading
  • Short term certificate course in gem identification
  • Rough diamond assortment and gemmology course
  • Polished diamond grading course

Pearl Academy of Fashion

  • Bachelor in Arts on Jewellery design
  • Postgraduate diploma in Jewellery design
  • Fashion styling and image design
  • Fashion business- marketing and merchandising
  • BA fashion styling and image design

ARCH Academy of Design

  • Craft based jewellery design course
  • Traditional jewellery ( Kundan Meena and enamelling) course
  • Jewellery design course for the international market
  • 2D design course
  • Contemporary enamelling jewellery design
  • 3D design jewel CAD
  • Jewellery design and contour jewellery
  • Jewellery range development for International luxury brands
  • Jewellery illustration and design
  • Gem identification and processing

Types of Jewellery Designing Courses types of jewellery designing courses - Kinds of Indian Jewellery Designs - Types of Jewellery Designing Courses For Young Aspirants

Different Types of Jewellery Designing/Making Process

Today, one can find fun in making jewelleries. The online tutorials can help you design your own jewellery at home. Following are some of the types of jewellery designing:

  • Wire Wrapping Jewellery Designing – Here different size and texture of wires are used. The school teaches how to wrap wires with another including beads and other accessories to make perfect jewellery to wear.
  • Metal Clay Jewellery Designing – Through this art of jewellery designing, one can make semi-precious silver jewellery at home. The clay is rolled to get consistent thickness. It is dried and painted with metal colour. No one can make out that it is clay made ornament after it is finished,
  • Stone Setting Jewellery Designing – The jewellery designing class will teach you how to collect the stones with a different style to bind together and make beautiful jewellery
  • Perspex Jewellery Designing – Perspex is the name for versatile material that can make large fashion pieces of materials. The technique of such jewellery designing includes sawing and cutting of perspex.  This including drilling and welding as well.

How Do You Learn About Various Types of Jewellery Designing?

Gathering knowledge about a subject is possible through the reading of books and other online and offline medium. But, to get in-depth knowledge, you must enrol into specific course related to the subject. Similarly, when you are going to get all the details on the types of jewellery designing, proper courses are important to find out. With the demand for jewellery in the market, the types of jewellery designing courses have come into existence. Many colleges and universities are offering such courses.

Different Types of Indian Jewellery

  • Bead Jewellery – This type of jewellery has come from the art created during the time of Indus valley civilization. These are like stone and have a touch of pearl. People of that time used to make the beads from copper, silver,  wood, gold, etc. Today, the layout is different but the concept is the same.
  • Antique Jewellery – These type of jewellery are not only popular among youth, but rather the middle-aged women also have a fascination with such jewellery. These are basically dark in look. The non-shiny and rough look bring to fashion.
  • Fashion Jewellery – There is another name for these types of Jewelleries. Yes, the present day’s costume jewellery has a different name, called the fashion jewellery. It is made up of stones and metals of affordable price. These are available as per the colour and design of your outfit.
  • Handmade Jewellery – This has created a revolution in the Indian jewellery market. The independent craftsman makes this jewellery manually with the use of threads, metals, beads and other fashion accessories. The  artwork is really appreciated and preferred by women
  • Filigree Jewellery – A special type of art in jewellery fashion is known as filigree. This art is imbibed over the silver medal with the use of the technique. This art has come from countries like Spain, Italy and Egypt.

Apart from the above-mentioned jewellery types and designing, one can find other variety as well. The designing of precious jewellery like gold, silver, platinum is there. You may also find the tribal jewellery, kundan jewellery, Meenakari Jewellery, lac jewellery, etc in India.

The concept of Jewelry Design

Before we speak about the other perspective of jewellery designing, it is better to have an eye on its concept. The combination of creativity, art and technology is used to bring out a beautiful jewellery design. From centuries, this art is changing its formation. The jewellery designer draws the concept over a white paper at first. Once the design is confirmed by the team, the work related to the raw material purchase, fabrication, composition, welding, etc take place for a finished product. Today, along with traditional drawing system, jewellery designers use the computer-aided design programs.

Types of Jewellery Designing Courses types of jewellery designing courses - jewellery designing course - Types of Jewellery Designing Courses For Young Aspirants


The demand for different types of jewellery is increasing today. Today, people are no more restricted to the purchase of precious metals like gold, platinum etc. The jewellery craftsman has created revolutionary by bringing a wide range of semi-precious and artificial jewellery designs. The colleges with jewellery designing courses have played a vital role to bring out the efficient jewellery designers.

Types of Jewellery Designing Courses