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interior designing - interior design - What is Interior Designing?

Interior design is both a form of art and a science which involved improving the interior of home or workplace to make it aesthetically pleasing. In other words, The art of doing up the interiors of any official or personal place is known as interior designing. It also strives to make the interior healthier and more comfortable for the people and/or pets who use it. The task of designing the interiors is handled by an interior designer who is responsible for planning, researching, coordinating, and managing such projects.

The profession of an interior designer is multifaceted as it includes space planning, conceptual development, site inspections, research, programming, executing the design, managing construction etc. Interior designers also need to interact with all the stakeholders on a regular basis and keep them updated about the progress of the projects they work on.

Career in Interior Designing Field 

In today’s world, there is a huge demand for interior designing professionals as people in general like their home or workplaces to be aesthetically pleasing. A career in this field of work can be very rewarding for people with the right knowledge and skills. Before pursuing a career in this field, you need to be aware that interior designers do face a few challenges on a daily basis. Some of these challenges may not strike a chord with you, while some other aspects may overly excite you and open the doors for you to a well thought out career which you may never have even imagined to be possible.

What is Interior Designing? interior designing - interior design 1024x273 - What is Interior Designing?

Difference Between Interior Decorators and Designers

There is a difference between an interior decorator and interior designer. Any individual can decorate the interior of a building and it is a fact that almost anyone can turn into an interior decorator. Someone who enjoys playing with fabrics, colors and textiles can easily turn into a decorator just by getting some business cards printed and doing a good job of promoting their business to the prospective clients. However, to become a certified interior designer you need to have an educational background in this field. Usually a degree or an associate level diploma from a reputed institute or college are a perquisite to start working in the field of interior design.

How to Become An Interior Designer?

Now that may seem obvious, but for you to become a good interior designer, you need to have that innate flair for spatial arrangements, color, textiles and architecture. If you find enjoyment in decorating your surroundings and in return get loads of compliments on your decoration style you may have the required talent to become an interior designer. Well, that by itself may not mean that you should become an interior designer, but it is a good sign. Once you feel that you have a passion for this field, you can pursue career in it by enrolling for a degree or diploma in interior design from a reputed institute.

While furniture, fabrics and color do play a major role in the field of interior design, there is plenty of other work that interior designers must do as part of their jobs. Interior designers must have an educational background in the history of the design, building codes, the structural integrity of buildings, spatial concepts, ergonomics, computer aided drawing (CAD), ethics, psychology and a lot more.

What is Interior Designing? interior designing - bsc in interior design decoration 3 years - What is Interior Designing?

It may seem that interior designers are meant to be Jacks of all the trades. This wide range of skill sets is needed because designers do not have to work with just homeowners, but also architects, builders, business owners and government agencies. To be a successful interior designer, you need to be well-rounded and educated.

A successful and good interior designer needs to possess good people management skills and should be someone who has the capability to steer the client towards a favorable outcome and that too while make them a feel as if they are fully in control of design choices. Interior designers must be continuously balancing their own design decisions with the desires of their client. Hence, interior design courses also teach the students how to communicate effectively and deal with clients in a professional manner.  

About Interior Designing in the Commercial Sector

Commercial interior design can be categorized into a range of categories such as:

  • Retail Design: involves the interior design of malls, shopping centers, departmental stores, showrooms, specialty stores etc.
  • Healthcare: Involves the interior designing of private and government hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, laboratories, maternity clinics, psychiatric facilities etc.
  • Corporate: It involves designing the interior of offices of all kinds.
  • Hospitality and Entertainment: It involves interior designing in hotels, hostels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, concert halls, movie theaters, opera houses, gyms, spas and health clubs, sports venues, etc.
  • Industries and Factories: It involves designing different kinds of industrial premises, factories, training facilities, construction facilities, etc.
  • Institutional: It involves government offices, banks and other financial institutes, schools, colleges and universities, etc.
  • Religious Places: It involves temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras, ashrams and other religious places.
  • Exhibition: it involves art galleries, museums, exhibition halls, etc.
  • Public Infrastructure: it involves designing the interiors of bus stations, metro stations, railway stations, airports, etc.
  • Sports: It involves stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts, etc.

What is Interior Designing? interior designing - undergraduate diploma in interior design 3 years - What is Interior Designing?

Information About Interior Design Course

Interior design courses provide the learners with a thorough understanding of the different interior designing styles while making them aware of various techniques and methods uses in this field. Some of the top fashion and designing institutes offer a diploma in Interior Designing course. This course covers the following:

  • History of Interior Design
  • Introduction to Graphic Presentation
  • Introduction to Orthographic Projection
  • Fundamentals of Interior Design
  • Elements of Design
  • Fundamentals of Construction Techniques
  • Role of An Interior Designer
  • Professional Practice

Some of the top colleges and institutes that offer interior design courses include: Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, National institute of design, LISAA School of design etc.

What is Interior Designing? interior designing - post graduate diploma in interior design 2 years - What is Interior Designing?

Interior Design courses offered By JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Interior designing in India is a growing field. This is partly because the field itself is so rich and interesting and partly due to the immense career opportunities the field offers. JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a host of courses in the field of interior design. These courses are designed in alignment with current global trends and market needs in India. JD trains interior designers to work closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to build a space that is beautiful, functional, and safe.

  • BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration, 3 years
  • Diploma in Interior Design, 1 year
  • Undergraduate diploma in Interior Design, 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design, 2 years

JD Institute Interior Designing Courses Fee Structure

Please call to our counsellor to inquire about the fee structure for the interior designing courses at the college. Fee for all courses is determined based on the duration of the course as well as its level; that is, bachelors or postgraduate.

Fee for interior design courses in JD Institute is competitive and in-line with the trends of the interior design industry.

What is Interior Designing? interior designing - diploma in interior design 1 year - What is Interior Designing?

Salary of Interior Designers in India

Salary of interior designers is purely dependent on the company with which they work. Big builder houses and fashion houses based in metropolitan cities might pay hefty amounts as compared to interior design companies which are based in tier 2 cities.

The field is exceptionally influenced by experience and as such, those with higher experience get paid a lot more as compared to a fresher. Certain skills like Corel Draw, SketchUp etc. increase the chances of a higher pay package.

Top Interior Designers in India

What is Interior Designing in India?  The design is one highly creative people. Top interior designers are people who continuously produce work which inspires millions and is appreciated by a large number of people. Some of the topmost designers in the country are Pinky Pandit in Gurgaon, Kayzad Shroff and Milin Pai from Mumbai and Hamida Sharma in Hyderabad.

What is Interior Designing?