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If you have ever set foot in a store checking out the window display or picked out a product while shopping, you have been bewitched by the visual merchandising at work. Well-designed products are the point of entry. But visual merchandising is what gets customers into the store and spend some cash. It exceptionally transforms a physical environment into an extension of a brand’s

Well, there’s something that’s no longer just a passing trend in the fashion industry Sustainability is here to stay for the long haul. As the fashion industry is responsible for a shocking 10 per cent of global greenhouse emissions every year – sustainability in fashion is pivotal to ensuring the planet’s health and safety. The good news is that the fashion industry is receptive

The New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham was also spotted saying, “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” The reality of everyday life can certainly be challenging. However, who are the people designing and conceptualising these armours? Fashion designers would be the logical answer! However, the more pertinent topic here would be the role of fashion designers in

Trends in the fashion industry are inevitable. It was earlier said that fashion trends return every twenty years or so. While that remains relevant, a lot more happening around also equally impacts trends daily. With numerous factors influencing fashion, brands keep up with trend forecasting. Forecasting in fashion identifies the potential behind a certain trend and predicts its duration to build strong strategies

Draping is an essential part of fashion design that has been relevant since ancient times. Draping refers to the process of positioning a fabric on a standard-size dress form or mannequin to develop the structure of the garment design. Draping for fashion design helps the designer to visualise how an outfit will look upon completion. A designer manually manipulates the fabric on the

Fashion is one of the purest forms of art because it is art lived every day. From the beginning of time, people have used their sense of style or fashion to express themselves. Fashion is a form of communication; gender, societal status, wealth, occupation, and, most of all, identity. If you’re thinking about entering the world of fashion and specifically thinking, “how to