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Eyebrows – Styling and shaping them can be a real pain. At times, quite literally. The pain of holding the eyebrows in place to have it threaded as tears run down your face is no mean feat. Why style the eyebrows or shape them at all? Is it really worth all the pain? Well, the answer is not a simple yes. You see,

Ulzzang, the South Korean makeup routine has the visual appeal of having babyish features with a smooth and soft finish. The word Ulzzang literally translates to ‘best face’ or ‘good looking’. The term ‘Ulzzang’ became popular in the late 90s’ with people having easy access to digital cameras. Early 2000s’ saw the rise of talent agencies began offering jobs for the best ranked

Turkish interiors, the word paints a picture of bright, lively blue, coloured glass lanterns, hammams with soft white towel rolls and bustling bazaars. Did you know the city of Istanbul straddles two different continents? Well, it does that makes Turkey a truly delightful confluence of European and oriental culture that is emulated by their food, lifestyle and more. This confluence of different cultures

Graphic Eye Makeup is one of the top makeup routines trending this season. The sharp black winged eyeliner trend has now become the new basic with floating lines, ensnaring colours and streaks of glitter dominate the eyes this season. The streak, the colours and the glitters merge to bring alluring sparkle of the eyes to life. The Euphoria TV series brought this graphic

Hair Care is the cliched, discussed and most dissected topic of all. Frizz free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, protein-rich, Keratin infused, organic, volumizing, the list is as long as it can possibly get. Well, I know it’s hard to assimilate much less make sense of it all. Over use of products does more damage than any real good to your hair. Might be over rated

Fashion Journalism, a perfect cocktail of Fashion, research, stats and writing. Fashion sense and eye for detail is good enough to be an amateur fashionista but articulating fashion and making sense of the flamboyant world of fashion to the general populace is quite a behemothic task. If you wish to make a career out of it. Well, you need to know what goes