Jury 2021: End Of Semester Project

Industry Exposure – Cochin

Jury 2021: End Of Semester Project


Jury 2021 was conducted for the students pursuing their 2nd semester in Bsc. Fashion and Apparel Design, batch 2020 at JD Institute Cochin. This was held as an alternative to tradition written exams.The  Jury  was arranged for the students as a part of their end of semester exam with was conducted for the Art and Costume Appreciation module along with the design process, pattern making, sewing techniques, and textile science.

Jury 2021: End Of Semester Project
Jury 2021: Student explaining her design to the external Jury examiner

The examiner for the jury was an external guest, Mrs. Anu Venkitakrishnan. A textile Designer by profession, Mrs. Anu Venkitakrishnan, is a graduate in B.Des Textile Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai. As she graduated in 2013,  she began her work in the industry as a textile designer at Asharaa Ambience in Chennai, and later moved on to Kangaroo Hometex in Karur, Atlas Exports Karur, and then worked on a freelance project for RK Exports, located in Karur.

Jury 2021: End Of Semester Project
Jury 2021: Student explaining to Mrs. Anu, the external examiner regarding her design inspiration

‘Decades Of Fashion’ – was the theme around which students worked on curating theri designs. A total of 10 students were a part of the jury, where each of them allotted to choose a decade between 1910 to 2000 and design as per their decade inspiration. Here are the works of the students along with a brief regarding their design:

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1910 – Julia

The 1910s was chosen by Julia. Her garment construction was done with a distinct look and color scheme of blue and white. This decade had opened the doors for a softer silhouette than the decade before, which was dominated by the S-shape.

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1920 – Abhirami

Decade 1920 was selected by Abhirami, whose garment construction was made with daring looks combined with the color beige. The 1920s opened with a slightly dropped waistline. Towards the end of the decade the look took a turn to a more feminine look, hemlines became longer, and handkerchief skirts were being used. By 1929 ankle length skirts were back in fashion.

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1930 – Shasna

Decade 1930 opted by Shasna. She constructed the garments keeping in mind the soft look, with a colour nondescript. The1930 was opened with Smart suits that were popular with crisp lines and sculptural and defined shoulders. The overdrawn shoulder on suits/ dresses was a hallmark of 1930s fashion and was created through padding, layers of fabric, or other embellishments.

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1940 – Melita

Decade 1940 was taken by Melita. Keeping in mind the glamorous look, her colour scheme was offwhite with yellow flowers. It is opened in Knee length A-line dresses with puffed shoulders in patriotic colors

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1950 – Sree

Decade 1950 was chosen by Sree. Who constructed her garments in the classic look, along with the aqua  green color scheme. The1950s was opened with straight stovepipe trousers, velvet-collar jackets, white shirts, colourful socks, suede creeper shoes, etc.

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1960 – Shruthi

Decade 1960 was selected by Shruthi. She constructed the garment with ethnic look, with the colour blue. The 1960 was opened with more casual clothing across all genders and ages.

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1970 – Krishna

Decade 1970 was selected by Krishna. She constructed the garment keeping in mind the formal look, with a colour combination of white and black. The 1970 was opened with bell bottom pants, galled jeans, midi skirts, maxi dresses, etc.

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1980 – Sneha

Decade 1980 was selected by Sneha. She constructed the garment keeping in mind the punk look, with colours of white and red and blue checks. The 1980 was opened with spanning ripped tights and biker jackets, polished oversized blazers and proof skirt.

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1990 – Vidhu

Decade 1990 was selected by Vidhu. She constructed the garment keeping in mind the economic look, pink and blue. The 1990 was opened with khaki chinos, navy blue blazers, oxford shirts, etc.

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2000 – Leena

Decade 2000 was selected by Leena. She constructed the garment keeping in mind the haute couture looks with colour combination green and white. The 2000 was opened with embroidered low-rise jeans ,yoga pants ,thong underwear, etc.


Jury 2021 has given the students a chance to explore the different decades of fashion and curate designs and understand the design process of constructing a garment. They could also communicate and learn from  Mrs. Anu Venkitakrishnan regarding their garments and the theme they chose for their jury. Mrs. Anu Venkitakrishnan discussed her work experience, project work, her paper publications, her software skills etc. Our gratitude goes out to Mrs. Anu Venkitakrishnan for taking out time from her busy schedule for the jury of our students. At JD Institute, we prioritise out of syllabus learning just as much as traditional textbook teaching. We provide the students with different opportunities to explore the various career opportunities in their field of study.

Jury 2021: End Of Semester Project