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New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways new york fashion week - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways Thumbnail - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways

New York Fashion Week 2022, an important and much-sought-after fixture of every year’s calendar has concluded. The fashion week started amidst all the chaos (all thanks to a pandemic, which also has put our lives at a halt since 2020) and like its earlier edition brought the same enthusiasm and glamour the world awaits for!

This year’s New York Fashion Week went in the real world but Metaverse stayed the talk of the town, bringing us face to face with where we are spearheading to. The buoying of various brands and the burgeoning of indie labels, not only stole the show but also showcased how the Fashion World would evolve in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, revered names have not lost their impact and did astonish us with their trendsetting idiosyncracies.

We keenly observed the New York Fashion Week 2022 with our intrusive lens on and once again got dazzled with the glitz and ensemble of the ramps and also off the ramp! Also, our fashion-philic soul soared witnessing the upcoming trends for the Autumn/Winter of 2022. We do not want to keep it from you! Just bear with us as we share some of the eminent picks for the upcoming season.

1. Suit Up:

A well-tailored suit! Well, who does not love it? We can go on and on telling you how fond we are of those perfectly structured high-class pieces of clothing but you would raise eyebrows about what’s new! The novelty of it this time is going back in the time and bringing the embellishment that we enjoyed in the 90s. Comfy meets style! (Evolved during the pandemic time). This time suits are going to be more than grey-black attire, venturing more into detailings- curated scrupulously with fabrics that instantly drop luxe.

Suit curation is an essential part of fashion design students. In the JD Annual Design Awards 2019, designers Harshita and Surbhi have prepared an ensemble of women’s formal wear that was subtle, minimalist and was inspired by the Dilwara Temple. The collection was named ‘Caught in a knot’ that reflected the stereotypes that chains women.

2. The Facade Game:

The beautiful back is the game of the back days! Welcome the highlighting of your front side! Face the world with boldly designed and intricately curated dresses that accentuate your front side. The show of those beautiful collar bones or the glimmer of the shoulder with the perfect fit over the bosom and waist, the season is going to be warm and stylish as you meet people face to face.

3. Glitter All The Way:

This year we all are going to shine and that means our wardrobes too have to resonate with our energy. Sequins and shimmers are walking back in our lives combined with sheer materials. The designers at New York Fashion Week 2022 presented us with sparkles in feather-like sequins form and mermaid scales’ style with tulle and lurex as the base. new york fashion week - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways 2 - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways

4. Very Peri Love:

Pantone colour of the year, very peri also saw its aficionados. The colour is futuristic, regal, demonstrates power and dignity and that is what we witnessed in the grand event. The colour vivified the show and from outfits to accessories, was incorporated in umpteen ways to give us a view of upcoming seasons’ offerings. New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways new york fashion week - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways 3 - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways

5. Love For Leather:

Our proclivity for leather outfits is going to be pushed further in the upcoming seasons. The new shades of leather dresses would be making their way just as it walked down embracing the models in the New York Fashion Week 2022. Moreover, with the spirit of experimentation, leather attires also saw a newness to their structure. The combination of crochet and lace with leather is going to give the edge that we all deserve.

In the JDADA 2019, our designers Bindhu Reddy and Manasa Mysore presented the collection ‘Nordic Credence’ focused on the lifestyle and beliefs of the Vikings. The ensemble was curated using recycled leather along with other fabrics and embellishments that gave it an edge and appreciation from the audience.

The trends and takeaways from the New York Fashion Week 2022 hinted at the backtracing of the fashion trends but with an eye for the future. As Fashion Designers, it is of paramount importance to read these trends profoundly and go ahead with your creative style. Reading the trend and market needs becomes difficult but in M.Sc in Fashion Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, the students are fostered to analyse and evaluate the market while being intact to their identity. Our students throughout the time have displayed their effective forecasting skills. They adopted and curated various styles way ahead it received global popularity. The New York Fashion Week 2022 brought forward the ensemble that will reign the market in 2022 and reading it wisely, JEDIIIANS curated collections in the year 2019.

New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways new york fashion week - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways 1 - New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways

New York Fashion Week 2022 Key Takeaways