The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands every Interior Designer should know about

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The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands every Interior Designer should know about

The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands every Interior Designer should know from around the world

Furniture is an integral part of every home. It upholds the home’s pride and prestige. Setting the right tone for your home can be a daunting task, especially when you are looking for environment-friendly and sustainable products. Finding time to search for green harvested tree farms in your area, or the perfect old reclaimed wood that comes from sustainably harvested forests and that too at affordable prices is an impossible task. What can we do then?

Here are some of the brands from around the world which work towards a sustainable future and play a major role in inspiring the students of Diploma in Interior Design at JD Institute of Fashion Technology in creating sustainable designs :

The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands

1. AMY:

They work hand in hand with their clients to provide an inviting and functional home keeping sustainability as their top priority. They provide a variety of affordable, eco-friendly furniture options. The end result of their work always reflects a unique style design which reflects the style statement of the client’s personality. AMY is a certified GREEN AP.

The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands

2. Ecobalanza, Seattle:

They build one of the world’s most luxurious organic sofas. The company is 10 years old and provides state of the art handcrafted luxury upholstered furniture. They use natural and non-toxic materials in their creations, making them an excellent choice for shopping for sustainable furniture. The Interior Design course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology equips every pupil to get a holistic understanding of designing with care for the ecosystem.

3. Environment Furniture:

They create beauty while respecting the planet. Taking inspiration from nature for their every design, they believe sustainability is not dull and boring, you just need to understand the woods and its structure. Their furniture can be tagged in a modern classic. An infusion of old and new with a real edge sleek design and beauty. They truly bring the oxymoron to life, casual sophistication. The Interior Design course curriculum is designed with much emphasis on sustainability and preservation of our natural habitat.

4. Cisco Home:

Established in the year 1990, Cisco has been using sustainable materials and experimenting with different building methods to create furniture that is as healthy for everyone. It is built by the craftsmen in Los Angeles. Authenticity, outstanding quality and sustainability is their motto.


The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands

5. Vermont Wood Studios:

Born in an effort to protect the world’s rapidly disappearing wildlife habitats, Vermont Woods Studios provide handcrafted, custom wood furniture   Their sustainable development mission has encouraged them to plant two trees per each order they get. They stand out in the market for simple and sleek new age furniture.

6. Ekla Home:

Visit here to discover Local and organic furniture. They provide the merit of a healthy lifestyle with a healthy environment. They offer a line of organic non-toxic sofas, chairs, and beds manufactured with materials sourced as close to possible to their facility as possible. With eco-friendly furniture and ethically made equipment, you get to choose from a variety of affordable options.

7. Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture:

Each bamboo stick is individually selected by a local farmer and harvested by hand so as to leave the roots intact. Soon enough, new bamboo emerges from it. It is highly against the method of clear-cutting used for timber harvesting. This method involves the removal of standing trees. Greenington preserves the ecosystem of the native bamboo forest. Be it cost effective or expensive, designing beautiful furniture without depleting our natural resources or environment requires skill, planning and innovation. These qualities remain the primary design values embedded into a student through the curriculum of Diploma in Interior Design at JD.

The Best of Sustainable Furniture Brands