Vegan’ and veganism is a bombarding concept in the world which is causing a shift in lifestyles of many. As of today, there is a growing sense of ethical responsibility amid people in all aspects of their lives including in the daily cosmetic products being used. As the adaptation of life grows during these times, so does the space for startups to explore, create and promote safe and vegan beauty products and the importance of veganism in cosmetics.VEGAN COSMETIC INDUSTRY: GROWTH BY DIGITAL REVOLUTION

Being aware of consumerism has not only heightened the market for vegan products, but has also brought to attention the viability, affordability, and advantages of using vegan products. When one opts for products not tested on animals, they are also abandoning the unpleasant chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. These vegan cosmetic products are subtle to your skin, which aims at less likelihood of breakouts, allergies, and inflammation.

Being in the cosmetic industry during the happening of major shifts being witnessed due to the onset of the digital revolution, it is seen that the shift with consumers opting to go with known, natural ingredients, with fewer chemicals, and a comprehensive healthy regime with regard to skincare and beauty. Consumers are well educated of the ingredients, source, and formulation of the product with knowledge being available on the internet, and are open to learning more about it. Hence, in order to convert a consumer into a potential buyer, importance lies in brands being transparent, trustworthy, and trend-driven when it comes to their products.

As far as communication is concerned, people are on the lookout for meaningful connections — what a brand stands for and what it is doing to make lives better. Conscious consumers feel the need to connect with the brand’s message and ethics in order to purchase products and services from them. Here are some of observations for digital brands to make the most of the grown trend of veganism in the era of digital revolution:

1. Veganism in Cosmetics is a Mindful Beauty Practice: VEGAN COSMETIC INDUSTRY: GROWTH BY DIGITAL REVOLUTION

Purchasing vegan beauty products leads towards  mindful beauty practices. By opting out the regular beauty products and moving towards cruelty-free alternative way sends out a message that animal testing is definitely an unjust and inhumane act. Every brand should highlight the conscious practices that are taken to add to this mindful experience of the consumer.

2. Helps to Spread the Word and Bring a Change:

VEGAN COSMETIC INDUSTRY: GROWTH BY DIGITAL REVOLUTIONThrough social media, vegan beauty brands are enabled an opportunity to spread awareness to a larger audience. These audiences are potential consumers that are drawn towards brands that have a solitary cause for their business well-being and for the sake of the environment. It is important to constantly communicate with the audience about your actions, which will eventually result in bringing the niche set of audience who will opt to give their faith to the brand.


Animal testing is cruel and that does not require an explanation as to why it is so. There are thousands of vegan ingredients safe for human usage, so it’s unnecessary to test products on animals. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate animal testing and use products that have safe ingredients.

4. Vegan Products are Cost-Effective:

VEGAN COSMETIC INDUSTRY: GROWTH BY DIGITAL REVOLUTIONMany vegan brands offer cost-effective and high-quality products that cater to every consumer‘s needs. Vegan cosmetic brands save money by avoiding the cost of testing these products and are hence, relatively affordable.

Aside from this, there are various methods that can bring a change in consumer’s buying behavior; social media and other online channels are one of them. Taking this into consideration, cosmetic brands have shifted their marketing strategies towards digital to connect directly with consumers. Whereas, the journey of a consumer in terms of awareness is shifting to digital avenues, with 33 percent of beauty consumers engaging digitally every day, 50 percent every week, and 93 percent every month.VEGAN COSMETIC INDUSTRY: GROWTH BY DIGITAL REVOLUTION

Entrepreneurs and marketers are leveraging the digital revolution to promote veganism in beauty. Additionally, this ensures business growth and ROI whilst building consumer relationships. Over 50 percent of beauty consumers are social media users including online videos, and 40 percent of consumers use the online to find research. 56 percent of consumers use YouTube to compare and consider, while 30 percent reach the final decision through a mix of YouTube, Google Search, and e-commerce websites. Hence, cosmetic brands plan to spend a significant share of the marketing budget on digital.

Vegan beauty is the  highly competitive beauty and cosmetics market, simply owning a natural beauty brand with great products is insufficient. It requires motivation to tell unique stories and to make sure the right audience is exposed to it. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to communicate with customers globally through various types of content, channels, and platforms. If the necessity is raised to level up a cosmetic business, then incorporating digital strategies in day-to-day marketing activities will help boost the business growth.