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makeup - The ultimate makeup guide Thumbnail - The ultimate makeup guide

Checkout the ultimate makeup guide for a flawless finish with zero product placement. Confused with all the makeup guides and makeup tutorials online? All the new serums and gels can get on your nerves as you try out to learn the basics of makeup as a complete novice.

Here is the 12-step routine for an impeccable and flawless makeup. As beauty journalists, we all come from different backgrounds and it just so happens that JD Institute of Fashion Technology is skilled at all things beautiful! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this guide and pick up a few tips and tricks along the way!

1. The flawless skin prep – Skin prep is the vital part of makeup before you touch your makeup kit and begin the routine. A perfect skin prep will give a flawless and perfect makeup look. It doesn’t just prep your skin for makeup, it also protects your skin from the makeup, as makeup products may seep in and clog your pores. So, skin care is the first step of any good ultimate makeup guide. The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 3 - The ultimate makeup guide

2. Cleanse, moisturize and sunscreen – Skin prep begins with cleansing your skin well with your favourite cleanser. It cleans up all the pores and leaves your skin perfectly clean. Follow it up with its BFF, the toner. The toner acts as a barrier for the makeup and your smooth & soft skin. Once, the toner goes on. We can make the skin beautifully hydrated to get the coveted glisten. The moisturizer helps keep the makeup flawless, otherwise the makeup can appear patchy after a while. If your moisturizer doesn’t have added sunscreen, make sure to apply some, it protects your skin from aging and sun damage.makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 5 - The ultimate makeup guide

3. Primer & Foundation – If you did your skin prep perfectly, it’s time to start off the base makeup routine! The first step in our guide to makeup is doing your base makeup. With that, the first step is the primer. It helps your makeup stay on longer. Next, onto the foundation – Liquid, cream, stick, mousse, powder. You have your favourite pick. Expert choice: It would have to have a liquid foundation with a beauty blender for a flawless canvas to work on. Lightly dust a thin layer of powder to set it in place.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 10 - The ultimate makeup guide4. Concealer: The next on the list is a concealer. They help to cover blemishes like acne, dark spots and for those with the cute panda eyes. Expert tip: Apply the concealer within the space below the inner corner of your eye and just shy the side of your nose. Follow that up with applying lightly at the far corner of your eyes, just above the start of your cheekbones.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 9 - The ultimate makeup guide5. Blush: Now, onto some colour on your skin. Blushers are great to give your skin a little colour. Traditional pink or red blush pink or experiment with oranges, purples and yellow shades. To apply powder blush, pat your brush into the product and tap to shake off the excess before lightly brushing against your cheeks. For cheeks, start from the edge of your face before moving further closer to the apples of your cheeks. To have a lifting effect, start from your temple and move down towards the top of your cheekbones. 

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 11 - The ultimate makeup guide6. Eyebrows: Eyebrows can define your look, they’re not wrong. Natural, bold or confident – Take your pick. Eyebrows can look easy to define but mistakes tend to occur due to being too harsh and not blending it enough or doing a wrong shape. If your brows are on the fuller side, line your brows according to your natural brow shape before lightly filling it. If you are on the finer side, then you can create your own shape which is easier but needs a lot of practice.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 1 - The ultimate makeup guide7. Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow before eyeliner. That’s the beauty thumb rule. Base, crease and a touch of shimmer. For base, begin with light neutral colours. Apply this across your whole eyelid and blend well. For crease, a pop of colour that is a little deeper or darker than your base colour. The crease defines your eyes and you can apply it to half of your eyelid for a gradient effect. Now, to the fancy shimmer, apply the sparkle on the inner corner of your eye or in the middle for that gentle twinkle.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 8 - The ultimate makeup guide8. Eyeliner – Ohh! the intimidating part of the makeup routine. Not to worry, we will make a pro out of you. Liquids, gels, pencils and even powders, eyeliner range is vast and diverse. Expert tip: Start with an eyeliner pencil and graduate to liquid. Start by tracing a simple line following your natural eye shape. You can then start to draw a small wing at the end. With more practice, you can do more different styles with ease.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 2 - The ultimate makeup guide9. Mascara – Mascara completes your eye makeup. Start at the roots of your eyelashes and comb the mascara through your lashes. Leave it for a minute to dry. Expert tip: Using the eyelash curler will help make your lashes look longer and thicker especially when you add the mascara right after.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 7 - The ultimate makeup guide10. Lip Makeup – The fun part begins, experimenting with different shades and finishes for those luscious lips. Lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and lip lacquers – there is a whole range of lip colours. The finishes range from matte to cream and even glossy. It all depends on your tastes. Expert-tip: Using a lip liner and following the shape of your lips will help guide you for a cleaner finish.

The ultimate makeup guide makeup - The ultimate makeup guide 6 - The ultimate makeup guide11. Setting the flawless finish – Phew! The last step of our makeup guide is finally here! Lightly dust some setting powder to any areas of your face that will get oily over time, probably the T-Zone. Take a fluffy brush, pat it softly onto the powder and tap off the excess. Spritz of setting spray and we’re done! Expert tip: If you apply setting spray before your foundation and then after it and again at the end of your routine, it will lock-in your makeup all day long!

12.Pro-Beauty expert – Now that you have learnt the basics, a professional makeup and hairstyling course might be your ticket to being a beauty expert yourself. Give us a call or walk-in and discuss your options.

The ultimate makeup guide