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jd got talent - JD Institute Bangalore celebrated its annual cultural event     JD GOT TALENT at Pearl Banquet 49 - JEDIIIANs shimmy their way through JD GOT TALENT

The amazing performances and talent exhibited by students and faculties at JD GOT TALENT

Just like every year, this year too JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, celebrated it’s annual cultural event – JD GOT TALENT. In store were some spellbinding performances and an amazing range of talent. Students from all the departments actively participated and showcased their talent during the two day event.

The programmes for the first day took place at the JD campus which comprised of nail-art, face painting and photography. Each of the categories were assigned a socially relevant topic for students to work to represent in their work namely – ‘LGBTQ’ community, ‘Climate change’, ‘say no to plastic’ etc. The students exhibited their immense creativity and artistic skills to represent their theme in the best way possible.

The cultural programme on the second day was held at The Pearl Banquet Hall, Indian Express. The event began on a solemn note with lighting the lamp by the dignitaries from JD Instiute, who were also the judges for the day – Mr. Babu Rajendra Prasadh R, Principal; Ms. Anusha, Head of Marketing; Mr. Kishor Thariani, Head of Make-Up Department; Mr. Kishore Ramachandra, Head of Photography; Ms. Suma Sathish, Academics In-charge – South and Dr. Anusuya K., Head of Department – Fashion Design. The event started with a beautiful prayer song followed by scintillating song and dance performances. Along with fun and exciting dance performances, there were group performances on acid attack which emotionally moved the audience and also conveyed a strong message.

A revering artistic and musical performance was the highlight where one student painted while she was blind-folded and the other sang. The faculty members were also extremely vivacious and displayed their talents. Everyone’s favourite faculty, Mr. Siddhanta Das danced much to the students wonderment and the students couldn’t keep calm. Ms. Anushka Rana, Fashion Faculty and Ms. Vasantha, Kannada Faculty sang some soulful songs in Hindi and Kannada respectively. The students were bubbling in excitement from the impromptu performance by their faculty.

As the performances for the day came to an end, the participants and the audience were eagerly waiting for the names of winners of the competition. The event was exciting, full of energy and a real success with respect to all those who put in an effort to make it a fun day.

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JEDIIIANs shimmy their way through JD GOT TALENT