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runa ray - Runa Ray - Runa Ray – Jury Video – JDADA 2019

Runa Ray – Jury Video – JDADA 2019

JD Annual Design Awards is around the corner, the JEDIIIANS have just done with their External Jury. Runa Ray the Famous Designer who was part of the Jury shares her experience about the entire collection.

Brief About the Theme

This year’s theme is Curator. We’re inspiring and guiding the design aspirants to become expert, obsessive and articulate curators of ideas you care about. The traditional definition of a curator is someone who takes care of a museum collection. The modern definition of a curator is someone who cares for something enough to study it, collect it, improve on it significantly and communicate it interestingly before an audience. A modern-day curator is a bridge between the idea he is passionate about and an audience eager to know more about the idea. He or she lives and breathes the cause. And the cause isn’t limited to the professional sphere. They actively live the philosophy. It enters all walks of life. That’s why they get the most creative, innovative and resonant ideas.

About Runa Ray

Creating fashion as a medium to invoke consciousness and responsibility – that’s Runa Ray!

With inspiring messages in her mind and designing as her forte, Runa Ray over the years has evolved as a methodical concept designer. An Indian born fashion designer, Ray’s collections are a testimony of her effort to infuse art and thought for the betterment of the global community.

Her thought-provoking collections on the runway communicate issues related to environment, society, and politics; strongly enough to create the much-needed stir in the minds of the audience.

Ray brilliantly uses her skill to create an element of awe by using techniques like Braille, Origami, and Chlorophyll Printing, to mention a few. She gives a whole new perspective to designer wear by blending style with her unique concepts, choice of fabrics, and use of natural dyes. Ray has also proactively integrated the principle of recycling by processing leftover fabrics into seed paper as an effort to reduce carbon footprint.

An alumnus of the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai, India, Runa Ray bagged the Best Design Award at the Final Jury Collection during her graduating years.

And, this early accolade indeed worked like the wind beneath her wings! She soon took off to Paris to pursue Masters in Garment Engineering under the Paris Chamber of Commerce at the Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Vêtement.

While in Paris, Ray got the opportunity to work with some notable Dutch and French designers, the likes of John Galliano- Christian Dior and the House of Dior.

Following this, Ray soon launched her designer label, RUNA RAY, an RTW line headquartered in Singapore-South East Asia along with Mojo Designs International, headquartered in London, UK. An active participant at several editions of the Singapore Fashion Week, Runa Ray is also a regular at the New York Fashion Week