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Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer product designer - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer Thumbnail - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer

I asked a friend who works for a leading design company as a Product Designer, what he looks for when hiring. He told me that he prioritizes candidates with excellent communication skills and those who trust their process over those with an exceptional portfolio. He went on to say that during difficult times at work, it’s crucial to have someone on your team who can communicate effectively and align on goals.

Skills like design thinking, empathy, and critical thinking are indeed crucial for designers. However, your strong communication skills will help you stand out from the rest, an imperative skill that all designers should possess.

career in product design  is a great choice if you’re looking for a profession that is always in high demand. If you want to pursue this career, there are a few skills that will help you be successful. These skills can be gained by taking formal qualifications, such as online courses or work experience. Some people might already have some of the necessary skills naturally!

Confidence, discipline, and good communication are essential soft skills that every designer should strive to develop. In this article, we’ll explore a few specific examples of how these traits can help you impress both hiring managers and clients. By continuing to improve these soft skills, you’ll be well on your way to success in the design industry.

What are product design skills?

Product design skills help you create products that people will want to buy and that businesses will want to sell. To do this, product designers generate ideas based on customer needs and come up with ways to make the products visually appealing and easy to use. They also work with a team to make sure that the product is functional and looks good.

Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer product designer - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer 1 - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer

Product design skills

Being a product designer comes with a lot of benefits. For example, you learn how to work on a team efficiently, how to communicate your ideas clearly, and how to present your work in the best way possible. You also benefit from having a wide range of skills, both hard and soft skills. Here are 10 examples of product design skills that can help you excel:

Computer Coding

One of the primary skills that Product design professionals need is to perform computer coding that helps them to develop product software or user experience designs. These coding skills allow writing code for device or application instructions to perform designated tasks or functions.

Students can learn a multitude of coding languages, including:

C++, Java, Python, and HTML.

With coding skills, a product designer can not only create the designs for a product but also code the instructions that make the product function.

Visual Design

Product designers use several aspects of visual design to generate an aesthetically appealing product for customers. It also helps designers assemble prototypes of products to present to clients and stakeholders. Specific elements of this visual design include:

Layout: Organization of the visual elements of a product.

Colour theory: Colours affecting human perceptions.

Typography: Utilization of some designated text styles to magnify the user experiences.

UI Design

User interface (UI) design involves consumer interaction outlook with the designer. Product designers use this skill to make it more interactive and appealing according to the consumer. Elements of UI design consist of:

Copywriting – to make language relevant to the product’s brand identity and tone that help to optimize user experiences.

Interactions – Preparing visuals that include animations for interactive products.

Front-end development – It uses coding language to ensure the functional UI

UX Design

User experience (UX) design helps the designer create and develop a product that provides an enhanced user experience. The primary concern of using UX is understanding consumer behavior to fabricate products that help the consumer with easy navigation and convenient functionality. The main elements of UX design include:

Prototyping: integrating the UI experience to create UX design to test a product.

Information architecture: To structure a product that ensures consumer feasibility and easy accessibility

Wireframing: To plan the structure and functionality of a product

Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer product designer - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer 2 - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer

User research

To know the correct requirement of the consumers’ product designers, implement user research. This idea helps them to produce a solution-oriented product for consumers. Moreover, it assists them in creating products that fulfill market demands and are appealing. User research includes:

Research planning: In documenting primary goals for a product design.

Surveying methods: perform surveys on targets and allied consumers to collect feedback about user experiences.

Auditing: Reviewing a product to recognize its brand consistency for marketing and branding purposes.


Strong communication skills help a product designer to complete their designated task within the decided time frame. It will also allow them to communicate with the clients to design a product according to their needs. Interesting Communication skills help designers understand their business guidelines and requirements.


A product designer’s job is a lot like that of a captain steering a ship. They need to consider the thoughts and suggestions of their team, but in the end, it is up to them to make the decisions that will determine the course of the project. A designer also needs to be aware of the functionality of a product and how it will be used by consumers. In other words, they need to think about the practicality of their designs.

Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer product designer - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer 3 - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer

Problem Solver

Product designers often need to find solutions to consumer problems or needs. In many cases, these solutions can give designers ideas for innovative products that might enhance a consumer’s experience. Problem-solving skills allow designers to identify the errors and eliminate them for better output. Consequently, possessing strong problem-solving skills is essential for anyone hoping to have a career in product design.


The ability to be creative is an important skill for anyone in product design. After all, how else would you come up with innovative and original ideas for products or ways to improve existing ones? You also need creativity to take the info a client or stakeholder gives you and figure out the best way to turn it into a physical product.

Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer product designer - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer 4 - Top 10 skills to become a Product Designer

Critical Thinking

Product designers often utilize critical thinking when exploring multiple ideas for product designs. By observing and testing processes of product design, they can improve upon them. This is how critical thinking skills can help product designers apply user research to determine if their design meets user needs. If not, adjustments can be made as necessary.