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PG Diploma in Interior & Spatial Design – 2 Years

The Diploma in Fashion and lifestyle Entrepreneurship Course in JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore are for those aspirants who have the willingness, capacity and someone with a leader quality to run a business.



JD Institute of Fashion Technologyone of the top colleges for Interior and Spatial Designing offers Postgraduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design, the new programme which blends Interior and Spatial Design together which ensures the easy way for the students who wants to do their Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design. This 2 YEAR PG DIPLOMA IN INTERIOR & SPATIAL DESIGN COURSE is aimed at providing basic to intermediate training for interior design aspirants in the first year and following three elective directions in the second year for specialisation followed by a rigorous industry training program. This aim is achieved through a well-balanced teaching programme that solidifies the necessary methodological tools for approaching a project. Topics covered in the course are included in the study plan so as to consolidate historical and cultural backgrounds and provide a conceptual framework to refer to. This includes portrayal techniques, theory and the physiology of perceived phenomena. General training, on the other hand, aims to provide the mastery of technical and technological instruments, the understanding of operative supports, and the vocabulary of Interior and Spatial design. If you are interested to study Interior and Spatial design course then this is the best platform to make your dreams come true, by getting the training from highly qualified experts in JD Institute of Fashion Technology India.

  • This course allows students to develop their skills in conceptualising and designing spatial situations.
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary projects, creative collaborations between subject areas to foster innovation in the specialization field of study.
  • Student projects include architecture interiors, installations, sensory environments and furniture design.
  • This Course prepares students to engage with style of architecture and the experimental aspects of what it is to inhabit and connect with spatial environment from the functional design of built structures to fine art installations, from furniture to computer animation.
  • This course allows students to explore interior and spatial design from either a research oriented or professional practice point of view or combination of both.
  • The program will enable the learners to acquire the skills to communicate in technical drawing language.
  • The learner also acquires knowledge of innovative materials, sense of space planning, Indian Art & crafts, Heritage, Design standards & Design projects.
  • Ability to conceptualize and design interior spaces for homes, retails, hotels, offices, museums, and public spaces, including entertainment spaces.
  • Ability to start e-commerce portals with in-depth knowledge in the field of automated and graphic design.
  • Learn the techniques of model making and 3D-printing.

Learn how to work as an interior designer, visual merchandiser, interior decorator, Commercial Interior Designer, Residential Interior Designer, Exhibition Designer, Spatial Designer, Product Designer.

  • Postgraduate diploma in Interior and Spatial Design explores many career opportunities in this innovative design field such as Interior Stylist, Interior journalism, Visual Merchandiser, Graphic Designer, Photographer and Retail Space Designer, Commercial Interior Designer, Institutional Interior Designer, Residential Interior Designer, Exhibition Designer, Furniture Designer, Spatial Designer, Spatial Design ConsultantProduct Design Educator, Facility Manager, CAD Designer, Product Designer.


  • Foundation Art
  • Technical Representation of Drawings
  • Design Process & Applications
  • Building Materials and Methods of Construction
  • Material Survey & Services
  • AutoCAD
  • Sketch Up + Introduction to 3DS Max
  • Product Design
  • Space design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Project Design
  • Estimation & Budgeting
  • Professional Practice
  • Industry Internship

In Depth

  • Residence
  • Corporate/Office
  • 3DS max

ELECTIVE (Any one from the following areas)

  • Healthcare/ Hospitals
  • Restaurant/ Cafes
  • Retail


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