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Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design

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Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design is a three-year studio-based course offered by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology campuses in Bangalore, Cochin and Goa. This intensive course prepares its students to meet and expand the potential of fashion design by developing the understanding and application of the fundamental aspects that inform the field. Informed by a pedagogy that supports the development of specialisation, the course encourages students to develop their own personal creative identity and question the relevance and responsive nature of their creative practice. Integrating theory with studio practice, the curriculum supports a holistic and integrated methodology of learning which equip students with the ability to question, challenge and develop.


The Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design aims to enhance and refine the creative language of students and enable them to identify and develop their skills. Following a rigorous curriculum covering the fundamental methodologies that inform the practice of fashion design, the students are also exposed to various growing digital and technical tools. The course follows an innovative approach that nourishes experimentation, and which question the potential, capability and significance of fashion design in the contemporary society that we live in. The students develop an advanced understanding and application of fabrics, pattern cutting, garment construction and draping, along with a research-driven design process. The learning is further augmented by various workshops that introduce them to the evolving, versatile and interdisciplinary nature of fashion along with the development of various skills. The students are exposed to the various historical and cultural parameters that inform trends, and are equipped with the skill to interpret and analyse forecasts. The diploma program also trains and develops marketing and entrepreneurial skills in the students in order to enable them to efficiently sustain themselves in the real-world.

The three-year Advance Diploma in Fashion Design offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Inculcates a term-based learning with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  • Consists of an accredited syllabus which is at par with the leading fashion schools of the world.
  • Concentrates on progressive teaching modules to attain Industry-oriented outcomes.
  • Follows an integrated approach to theory and practice; the curriculum supports a 3-month industry internship.
  • Focuses on a comprehensive CAD training structure to equip students with an in-depth understanding of creative realisation and development.
  • Develops the entrepreneurial skills of the student.

Completing the Advance Diploma course in Fashion Design will enable the student to:

  • Develop a holistic approach towards fashion design through the integration of theory and history; the ability to challenge its scope and potential.
  • Develop a personal creative identity; realise areas of specialisation.
  • Develop expertise to develop their own fashion collections; ability to interpret and formulate forecasts using WGSN (Worth Global Style Network).
  • Attain an in-depth knowledge about the application of fashion design, its practice and methodologies.
  • Acquire hands-on experience in textile, and garment construction exploration.
  • Achieve advanced technical ability and fluency through intensive training in draping and pattern drafting as well as expertise in digital tools.

The fashion industry has witnessed evolution throughout the years and in order to sustain in the field, one needs to embrace adaptability in their practice. The course prepares its students for the following career opportunities, but are not limited to:

  • Creating your own brand
  • Working with major fashion brands
  • Working at a garment export houses
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Textile Designer
  • Personal Stylist

The three-year Advanced Diploma Course in Fashion Design offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology provides students with exposure and introduces them to the global working of the industry. The students develop their own creative voice and investigate their role and contribution to the field of fashion. The student will have access to highly qualified and trained faculty with state-of-the-art facilities at their disposal. They will be exposed to external workshops and receive feedback and guidance from current industry experts. The course also provides a platform for the students to exhibit their skill and talent along with other external opportunities to collaborate and learn.


  • Foundation Studies
  • Art Appreciation
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Studies
  • Elements of Textiles & Practical
  • Design Process
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Draping
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Construction Techniques
  • Surface Design Technique
  • Fashion Forecasting and Brand Study
  • Fashion & Cultural Studies
  • Fashion Styling & Photography
  • Fashion Psychology and Consumer Behaviour
  • History of Indian Fashion
  • Fashion Merchandising & Marketing
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing
  • Fashion Visual Merchandising
  • Portfolio
  • JD Annual Design Awards

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  1. Ayushi Kothari

    Great learning experience. Students are provided with some amazing opportunities to help them flourish as a good designer in the coming future.

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