Paws And Claws- A Tribute to Rescued Dogs And Cats

Designer: Aarushi Rahul Sakhardande

Paws And Claws- A Tribute to Rescued Dogs And Cats

Aarushi Rahul Sakhardande, a student of JD School of Design Goa, pursuing her BSc in Interior Design has showcased an adoption center for dogs and cats Paws and Claws at JD Design Awards 2023. Her project is for the rescued animals seeking shelter and a safe space for healthy growth. 

Her inspiration for the project was her love for the animals which motivated her to use the platform of JD Design Awards to provide help to the rescued animals. The space is designed keeping the little ones in mind. It has washable floors, vibrant colors and bathroom flooring to enable a comfortable environment for them. The structure of the space is designed to cater the needs of the little ones. The whole design is very vibrant for the environment to be considered a safe space. 

The designer keeping in mind the comfort of the animals as well as caretakers went for materials that are affordable as well as easy to maintain. The materials include mesh, foam board, clay and mount board. The space is designed to make interactions between the little ones with people comfortable. The space has an added pet store facility to allow the income for the shelter house to not depend on donations. 

She picked washable paint for all of the walls. Terrazzo flooring was chosen because of its colorful designs, low cost, ease of maintenance, and scratch resistance. She also installed bathroom flooring in the kennels to make cleaning easier. 

The space is a conceptual nursing station for dogs and cats. Anyone who wants to spend time or have a pet or wants to have one can visit this place. There are also one to one sessions with the animals that help them get comfortable before the adoption procedure. Paws and Claws is a one center that looks into the needs of animals and ensures safe growth for them.

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I paid tribute to stray and rescued animals. I designed an adoption center and an animal shelter. Designing this project was hectic in the beginning but eventually everything fell in place.

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Aarushi Rahul Sakhardande

BSc in Interior Design, GOA

– By Kanishka