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Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over denim trends - Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over Thumbnail - Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over

Denim trends have been prominently prevailing in the fashion industry since the 90’s. Especially the faded washes that were added on the fabric to create an aesthetic look. However, by 2022, this trend may fade out of the market, and dark indigo denim may make a strong re-entry.

When designers set out to create a menswear collection, they use the same concept of a muse that is romanticized in women’s fashion. Though the muse may not be as iconic as Jean Paul Gaultier’s relationship with Madonna, but a muse is always present nonetheless, and the muse behind the 2022 menswear show, there is someone wearing a jean jacket for sure. The Men’s fashion week featured so many denim fits on the runway, the word became quite generic. To make it easier, let’s break it down that these 2022 men’s denim trends have showcased just how many personalities the fabric has.

The Men’s fashion week is often the measure to the bigger trends that may be seen emerging through the rest of the fashion season. Though these are menswear trends, they can be virtually worn by anyone, so there’s no reason to hold back. Denim trends capture the essence of various styles that are already a part of most wardrobes. These denim trends can also be a chance to explore new styles and extend the apparel collection that one owns. Never lose a chance to shop. So here is a shopping list to keep ready, just incase:

Maximalist Canadian Tuxedo
Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over denim trends - Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over 2 - Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over

The denim trend that is to change all, the Maximalist Canadian Tuxedo

Though a Canadian tuxedo refers to an all-denim look, it is often referred to as a combination of jeans and denim jackets. This concept was taken to a whole new level, by brands like David Catalan and Kenzo by heavily layering denim in an outfit. Earlier, clubbing a denim shirt with the denim tuxedo was considered ‘too much denim’ and not recommended. However,  it is now officially encouraged to wear a denim shirt under a denim jacket and even a denim tie if need be. The key point to be noted in the Maximalist Canadian tuxedo that was showcased on the runway is that all the denim fabric used were not of the same wash and treatment, so in this denim trend for men, there are various experiments that can be made when trying the Maximalist Canadian Tuxedo.

Detailing With Embroidery
Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over denim trends - Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over 1 - Denim Trends For Men That Is Said To Take Over

Denims with embroidery, even for menswear is the trend that is going to be changing every conventional apparel thinking

Embroidery is widely used by many in the fashion industry, but on denim, not much. Though they parallelly existed, not many were open to the idea, and were seen to be very feminine. However, that is heading over to be changed this 2022. The addition of embroidery results in a beautiful texture as well as depth to the denim fabric. At the Men’s Fashion week, the Y project and Bluemarble runway both featured Wild west-inspired down the legs of the jeans. This is a perfect trend for those who enjoy DIY projects or even have basic knowledge and experience in embroidery works. It is also a great way to vintage up a pair of Levis denims. Embroidery may not be everyone’s forte, so even an iron-on embroidered patch works just as good, resulting in a similar way to traditional embroidery. This trend can be extended to any denim apparel, so even adding a bit of finesse to a denim jacket can upgrade a casual look.

Extra-Wide Leg 

One among the top trends of 2021 were the wide-leg jeans, that broke viral on Tik Tok and other social media platforms to extend where social media users wear boycotting skinny jeans out of the picture. This year, the trend is back, wider and stronger than ever where the wide-leg starts at the waist and progresses broader until it reaches the hemline, very similar to the silhouette of an A-line skirt. The best part about this trend, is that the denim is only wide, but is not baggy which makes it all the more favorable and comfortable. At the Men’s Fashion week, Bluemarble took on an extra step with the extra-wide leg jeans with a pop of color in the their belts, which are an obvious necessity to keep the pants in tact. These pants are best for those who find interest in skating or those who just want to feel confident and comfortable on the streets.

Denim trends for men are always changing and evolving with time. Men have always been minimalists who could care less about their appearance, however things have changed. They now take care of themselves well, from basic skincare upto full fledged styling of their outfit. Designing menswear collections can be quite tricky without the basic knowledge on fashion and fashion trends. For which there are many courses both short-term and long-term that help in learning the basics and advanced knowledge on fashion designing and research.