Restore, Renovate, Refurb- A Tribute To Indo Portuguese Homestay

Designer: Pearl Ann D’Souza

Restore, Renovate, Refurb- A Tribute To Indo Portuguese Homestay

Pearl Ann D’Souza, a student of JD School of Design, Goa pursuing her B.sc in Interior Design showcased the project- Restore, Renovate, Refurb; an Indo-Portuguese homestay at JD Design Awards 2023 Goa edition. The interiors and exteriors of old buildings have always captivated the designer. Being raised in an Indo-Portuguese household, she was intrigued by how each little element was used to build a beautiful residence. This inspired the designer to use interior design to share and preserve the lost culture with the rest of the world. 

Goa’s old Indo-Portuguese homes are deteriorating due to natural reasons as younger generations depart for other countries and leave the senior family members in charge of property maintenance. Due to a lack of finances for maintenance, older buildings are being destroyed to make way for new ones.

There are numerous techniques to maintain old Goan homes. The designer believes that one can start by encouraging residents to open cafes, restaurants, wedding and party venues, and more. Owners of historic residences can also sustain and preserve their structures by converting their properties into guest houses or art galleries. 

For the project- Restore, Renovate, Refurb; the use of natural, sustainable materials like rattan and wood, organic processes, natural lighting, ventilation, and Indo Portuguese design elements are primarily used. Mangalore roofs with furniture and lights made from recycled materials by local artists and antique stores have also been used to give this project the necessary structure. 

To promote a sense of calm and connection with nature, several organic and subdued tones are used. The area has an earthy feel thanks to materials like rattan, wood, and natural fibres like jute. The area emphasises on the use of organic processes and natural elements. Glass that has been coloured and has textures is used to make designs. 

Restore, Renovate, Refurb by designer Pearl Ann D’Souza seeks to restore and reacquaint non-Goans with the exquisite Goan tradition and its people through design. It allows for the preservation of the existing structures while simultaneously modernising them. These structures contain countless years of history and culture. 

JDDA 2023

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Designing this project has been a very hectic and overwhelming journey where I learnt a lot about Info Portuguese houses. My advice to everyone is to meet the deadline.

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Pearl Ann D’Souza

B.sc in Interior Design, GOA

– By GuhaPriya