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January 2024

The world of design and tech come together to create UI and UX design. A UI UX designer, through UI and UX laws, holds power to create a digital world - where the entire humankind is present. This blog tells you what you need to know about how to become a UI UX designer. A UI UX Designer uses intensive user research to create

If you’re a creative individual who wishes to work in a high-paying field that will showcase and challenge your creativity, the tech industry can be your answer. UX and UI design are two technology-forward areas that are ideal starting points for creatives, specifically those who prefer working on people-focused projects. This UI UX guide will focus on how to become a UI UX

Your app/website content may be engaging, relevant, and aesthetically pleasing, but none of it matters if readability is absent. Great importance is put on design, optimising content to target audience, and ensuring high ranking on SERP. While these aspects are important in attracting and retaining users’ attention, this is only half the battle won. You can have the most appealing UI, but if

Picture this, a highly anticipated application is due to be launched. A set of users call the concept a revolution and market-disrupting idea. But on release day, many people need help understanding how to use the application, eventually losing interest. Problem? An ineffective or lack of user onboarding methods to simplify the application usage for new users. If you are an aspiring UI UX