Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips! 


Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips! 

Fashion Photography when put into lay man’s words, is a genre of photography that revolves around the world of fashion. When thought of in a broader aspect, fashion photography covers everything in fashion from Runway shows to brand catalogs, advertising, model portfolios and much more. However, each fashion genre has its own style of photography.

Fashion Photography, whether outdoor, indoor, or anywhere in between is a fun and joyous process, especially when shooting for a fashion blog. It is quite often questioned, as what can be done when it comes to photography for fashion blogs, how creative one can be with the photography? So, to answer these common questions, here are 7 tips on fashion photography for the fashion bloggers:

1. Do Not Over-Edit The Images!

Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips!Fashion photography at its core is the celebration of beauty in humans and not the uncanny perfection in each one. Over-editing of the images may prevent the essence of the content from breaking through when all is said and done. It is alright to use the various editing tools, like spot removal and similar ones, after all they are your images. Although, the term over-editing in this content is with regards to the realm of heavy body modifications, unnatural skin toning, and other significant variation when compared to the original image, which may risk with something lookin less human like.

In a few cases, the realism is so much more attractive and interesting to view. Every fashion blogger must embrace yourself wholeheartedly. The key to best fashion blog images is simple post-production.

2. Organization Is The Key.

Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips!No matter what the role of the person a part of the shoot is, without an organized plan there is no fuss-free production. The most important practice when being a part of a fashion photoshoot is to keep every inch of the work space organised so as and when something is needed, everyone is aware of where to find it. When things are not organized, and one of the team members happens to drop some coffee onto the garment that is to be shot, there is no one to blame, as none of the professionals in the set are now able to do their job. So, it is absolutely mandatory to make sure that everything, from the location of the shoot upto post-production is well organised.

3. Importance Of Professional Equipments 

Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips!The various equipment used during a fashion photoshoot like tripods, remotes, lights and other gears that will help in making every photo memorable are to be in every camera kit. The basics in the kit are also crucial, from the choice of the lenses to be used upto the filtration and diffusion of light play for the shoot.

As a fresher in this field of work, one should definitely invest in both a 50mm lens as well as a longer lens, an 85mm or a 100mm whichever is found to be more often used. IT is also recommended to keep in hand a spare battery as well as some SD cards, just in case they run out.

Strobe lighting often has many additionally required accessories such as a transmitter and softboxes in order to keep the light source simple and continuous like that of work lighting that is more than enough when used with the right diffuser and placement.

A life-saver equipment for any fashion photographer for any situation that they may find themselves is the 7-in-1 reflector kit and a stand with an arm to train. This 7-in-1 reflector kit consists of specular reflectors in both silver and gold, a diffusive material, and even a blue and green keying screen, that can also help to mix things up during post-production.

4. Self Poses!

Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips!Many fashion enthusiasts are naturally blessed with the sense of poise at their demand, while many may just fall flat when taken off-guard. When doing a self shoot, it is always important to keep your hands and legs busy posing, it can be any simple fashion pose or a lifestyle pose, one where there is pretentiousness of attempting a diegesis.

The arms and legs are to lead the eye of the viewer ensemble throughout just as much as the lines, curves, cuts, and patterns of each garment would. The pose adds immense personality to every shot, that makes one change and dwell into every outfit with the attitude and personality to pull the look off.

5. Syncing With The Vibe

Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips!Regardless of the location of the shoot, it is important to be in sync with the vibe of the ambience that the shoot is to take place. To look the part, is the ultimate goal. For example, wearing bright and vibrant colors during autumn season, may not sync well, leaving an odd bit of visuals. It is not wrong to wear a hat indoors, but playing the part right, and bringing out the visuals as per the content, is what this key point aims to achieve. It is all about the coordination not only between the outfit and the accessories, but also the ambience and surroundings in which the shoot is taking place, to capture the idea of the fashion blogger and raise it to life.

6. It’s Not Always About The Face

Fashion Photography For Fashion Bloggers: Top 7 Tips! Many widely believe that when it comes to photography of a model, or a self-shoot it is mandatory to show the face. However, this is false. Sometimes, just the accessory that is being spoken can also be shot, without showing the face. This way, the highlight is on the accessory.

If the shoot is done by the fashion blogger themself, then it is best to simply swap in a longer lens or opening up the aperture for more of an intimate and purposeful photography outcome. Another option is to take the full body shot and then crop the image as per the requirement during post-production, however this may sometimes result in a lower resolution image. Therefore it is always best to try all the options, so there are options afterwards.

7. Being Authentically, You. 

No number of images or photo shoots would be worth the time, if it doesn’t represent the fashion blogger and their visualizations. It is always important to do what one loves and is passionate about, if there is even the slightest element that doesn’t seem right, then take it off. What is visualised can only be brought to life, when done as per the love and passion and not out of requirements alone.

Fashion Photography is not restricted to just certified and professional models, but can be done with anyone. It is the vision, skill and passion that makes it what it is. Fashion bloggers across the nation, nearly 75% of them, shoot their own images not just to develop their skills, but also to enjoy the process. However, every profession requires the basic knowledge and skill that is mostly found when doing short-term courses.